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Customized End-of-Line Machine Solutions And Production lines

We custom design the complete production line from case erectors and bag inserters to fillers and case closers in stainless steel.

Packaging Machinery

Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine

Horizontal Screw Powder Packing Machine Rolan ⚙

Horizontal Powder Packing Machine


Rolan Gear will guide you to produce good pipes with higher quality and lower cost

Pipe Production Line ​

High speed PE pipe production line | Rolan ⚙️

PVC pipe production line | Rolan ⚙️

WPC pipe production line | Rolan ⚙️

HDPE Single Pipe production line | Rolan ⚙️

Streamline Your Packaging Production with Us

Discover our cutting-edge production lines and optimize your packaging processes for maximum efficiency and sustainability with rolangear machiney

Production Line

Paper cups and plates production lines | Rolan ⚙️

Plastic cups and dishes production lines | Rolan ⚙️

Aluminum Foil Dishes Production Line | Rolan ⚙️

Plastic bags production lines | Rolan ⚙️

Why Rolan ⚙️

High Quality Technology

We use the highest quality electronic components from the best suppliers in the world including our PLC, touchscreen brand and electronic components, Siemens, our provider of sensors, SICK, and servo motors are from Kollmorgen.

Highly Skilled Workmanship

We provide highest quality workmanship in order to serve all of the needs of our customers around world. At Rolangear we offer 100% (Mechanical, Electronic and Pneumatic) machine guarantee. Our company is even backed up with an ISO certificate and all our machines has CE certificate. 

On time Delivery

On time delivery of machines plays an important role in our company. After the business agreement is made, we start to build the stick machine as soon as possible. On time delivery is what helps us keep our competitive position in the market. You get your machine on the planned delivery day. Rolangear offers shortest production and delivery time comparing with competitors.

Maintenance for production line
customers service
We offer dependable, on-demand support options including 24/7 technical and remote support ,as well as support in social network.
Supply and installation

We supplay and import all the necessary equipment and then offer the installation with the highest quality, in the fastest time and at the best price for you.

The Guarantee
We provide a sufficient guarantee for all our machines and services to all our customers and after-sales services after installation
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