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Cap Rolling Machine Rolan ⚙

Product Description:

semi-automatic capping machine is designed according to foreign advanced technology and comprehensive national conditions. It has the advantages of advanced design, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and convenient debugging. Achieve a certain degree of automation, the price is moderate. It is widely used in all kinds of liquid-filled chrysanthemum caps, T-plugs, etc., which are non-gas beverages, juices, mineral water, pure water, etc. It is a small, condiment factory, beverage factory, etc. the ideal equipment.

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1. There is the buffer device on the adjusting holder, which can guarantee the bottle broken phenomenon no happening.
2. Bottleneck can be automatic station keeping, and capping wheel is to receive strength evenly, so the capping result is very good.
3. End socket is high pressure, so capping is never leaking.
4. This machine works stably, and the working noise is very small.

Additional information


1. Aluminum Screwcap, 2. Aluminum  Ropp Cap, 3. Aluminum  Pilfer Proof Cap,  4. Olive Oil Aluminum Cap

Production Capacity

800-1200 BPH


220/110V         50/60HZ

Total Power

0.37kw-380V / 0.55kw-220V

Bottle height

Bottle height Subject to the cap type provided by the customer

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