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manual perfume crimping machine Rolan ⚙

Product Description

1.Suitable for aluminum plastic sealing
2.Pneumatic perfume binding ​machine is one of the combination of perfume filling machine, the actual use of a wide range, can be used for the size of perfume bottles, sealing diameter 14.5/17/20/21.5 and other specifications.
​3.This machine uses pneumatic system sealing machine to compressed air as the power source, can be completed once the sealing, sealing qualified hundred percent, speed to the artificial, the design of the one of the most perfect models

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Main Features
1) It has more advantages than usual capping machines. Capping is safe, credible, tight, slick, good sealing.
2) It is completely mobile but with a sound stable base. Our cappress can be easily moved from one work place to another. It makes crimping easier and increasing production.
3) Especially, when it is processing in pharmaceutical factories and preparation rooms, the power is cut or other electrical capping equipments have troubles, the machine can be replace of them.
4) The vial crimper heads are easily interchangeable with different sizes as they simply screw in and out in seconds.

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