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pneumatic perfume crimping machine Rolan ⚙

Product Description
A Pneumatic Perfume Capping Machine is a kind of machine used in capping various perfume bottles.
It is composed of two main devices capping system and pneumatic control. This machine serves air compression as a power producer, taking advantage of air compression to achieve efficient one-time sealing.

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1, Adopt a pneumatic drive, without electrical power, the whole machine is composed of a machine body, table surface, clamping device and pneumatic control system.
2, It is a kind of clamping type cap closing machine, that uses the scalable method to close the cap and fasten it on the edge of the bottle mouth, even cap closing with good sealing performance, lock mouth fastness and beautiful, accurate cap positioning without abrasion on the surface, convenient operation and maintenance, high speed.
3, Suitable for cap closing of spray type caps, such as perfume bottles, oral liquid bottles, and ampere bottles such as aluminum cover lock mouth of the bottle. It uses to seal the valve covers of all kinds of perfume bottles, widely used in beverage and perfume packaging lines.


Additional information


AC220V 50/60HZ

Total Power


Bottle Diameter


Bottle height

40-200mm(can customize)



Weight (KG)


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