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Stainless Steel Automatic Desktop Pneumatic Capping Machine Rolan ⚙


Suitable for the cap screwing of different shapes of bottles in the industries of foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, daily chemical, pesticide and cosmetics etc. Its four adjustable speed motors are used respectively for cap supplying, bottle clamping, delivering and cap screwing. It is characterized by high level of automation, outstanding stability, easy adjustment, no need of spare parts for replacing bottle types or caps, which can be done only by adjusting.

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Suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverages and other bottles of the lock cover.


1. Electrical control movement, stability
2. A positioning device, capping standard, easy to operate.
3. Wide cover range, can lock different shapes of bottle caps.
4. capping speed adjustable, Tightness can be adjusted according to different caps.
5. Equipped with positioning device.
6. For a variety of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical industry nozzle / pump head / spray pump / hand gun cap lock button cover machinery.

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