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Plastic Injection Molding Machine Rolan ⚙

1. Vertical mold opening, vertical injection, suitable for insert molding
2. Nitride steel screw, material tube, high torque hydraulic motor drive, multi-stage injection pressure, good plasticizing performance.
3. Direct pressure mother-mold lock cylinder design, rapid mold clamping, low-press safety mold clamping, automatic mold closing, multiple pressure control, high safety and improved mold life.
4. Electrical protection device, no mistakes, maintenance operator safety.
5. Automatic fault display, maintenance is quick and easy.
6. Electronic control and hydraulic use brand-name parts, quiet, precise and durable.
7. Multi-stage temperature control, multi-stage injection pressure, rate of fire, back pressure stepless adjustment, suitable for molding of precision plastic parts.
8. Optional servo energy-saving motor.
9. This machine offers a wide range of programmable functions including automatic inclusion, extraction and fully-automatic production.

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Screw Diameter Mm 26 28 30
Injection Pressure kg/cm² 1530 1278 886
Theoretical Shot Volume cm³ 61 70.8 81
Max.Shot Weight(ps) g 56 64 74
Safe Shot Weight(ps) OZ 2 2.27 2.6
Max.Shot Weight(ps) cm³/sec 57 66 75.5
Injection Rate mm 115
Screw Speed Max. rpm 0-205
Nozzle Comtact Force Tons 4.45
Nozzle Retraction Stroke mm 170
Number of Temperature Control 3
Clamping Force Tons 35
Platen Size mm 540*380
Distance between tie bere mm 375*205
Min.Mold Height mm 158/58
Opening Stroke mm 180
Max.Open Daylight mm 338/238
Ejector Force Tons 1.3
Ejector Stoke mm 35
Max.Hydaulic Pressure kg/cm² 140
Pump Output l/min 34.5
Oil Resservoir Capacity l 100
Cooling Waer Consumption l/hr 400-600
Pump Motor Power KW/HP 3.75/5.5HP
Berrel Heating Power KW 2.4
Total Electricity KW 6.3
Packing Weight Kg 1150kg
Packing size(LxWxH) m 1.45*1.15*2.26
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