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Automatic Powder Vertical Packaging Machine Rolan ⚙


Especially for packing the fine powder material. Such as coffee powder, milk powder, flour powder, spice powder, detergent powder, chili powder, masala powder, cocoa powder, baking powder, bleaching powder, chicken powder. It integrates metering, bagging, packing, sealing, date printing and counting into one.

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Main Performance And Structure Feature:

1.New design and advanced technology with beautiful appearance and reasonable structure .
2.Imported PLC system of computer control and colored touching screen enable easy operation.
3.Imported film conveying system and color mark sensor achieve accurate position and beautiful
4.Automatic and protective warming function makes the loss to the minimum.
5.Intelligent temperature controller with excellent heat balance accommodates various packaging
6.Excellent performance with low noise, good salability and clear sealing pattern.
7.External film placing makes the film installation easier and quicker.
8.Bags diversification provides customers with pillow bags, angle bags, hanging bags, linking bag,
9.All the processes including conveying material, measuring, filling, bagging, date printing and
finished good conveying are achieved automatically.
10.Packaging speed and length of bags can be set to some extent without further adjustment and
parts changing.
11.Automatic correct function, saving time and packaging material.
12.High efficiency with extra accuracy without crushing materials.
13.Structure is simple , reliable , easy to maintain
14.Rotating Screw feeding machine, independent mixing material system , sera coding , microcomputer control technology is the largest machine Technical characteristics.

Additional information

Packing Speed

5-65 bags/min, 5-70 bags/min

Film range

120mm-420mm, 160mm-520mm

Bag Size

(L) 60-330mm,(W) 50-200mm, (L) 80-350mm,(W) 70-250mm

Film thickness


Air consumption


Total Power

"3KW, 220V, 50/60Hz"


1460*1050*1410mm, 1480*1130*1450mm

Weight (KG)

400 KG, 480 KG

Packing capacity

2.5L, 4.3L

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