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heat sealer for plastic films etc., Rolan ⚙

Product Description

The hand impulse sealer is suitable for all kinds of the plastic film and composite film. It is widely used in the packing of the food, sweetmeats, local specialty, tea leaf, medicine, hardware etc. Easy to use and economical and practical, suitable for factory, store and family.

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Simply place a bag between the sealing bars, press down and release.
– Place a plastic bag between sealing bars;
– Set timer controller to appropriate sealing time;
– Press down the sealing bar till indicate light goes out;
– Release sealing bar and take away sealed bag;
– Adjust timer controller in according with plastic film type and thickness to ensure neat and strong sealing effect.




Additional information


RG-S100, RG-S200, RG-S300, RG-S400, RG-S500


220/110V         50/60HZ

Sealing Length

100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm

Sealing width


Seal thickness



25.5*100*16.5cm, 34*10.5*18cm, 47*11.5*21cm, 59*11.5cm, 67.5*11.5*21cm

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