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High speed PE pipe production line | Rolan ⚙️

Rolan Gear will guide you to produce good pipes with higher quality and lower cost

PE Production Line Datiles :


High speed PE HDPE pipe production line water pipe making machine

This PE pipe making machine include: automatic feeder, loss-in-weight metering controller, hopper dryer, SJ series single screw extruder, die, vacuum calibration tank, spray cooling tank, six-claw tractor, cutting machine, Stacker.

SJ Series single screw extruder

Screw and Barrel: Screw and Barrel Material is 38CrMoAlA,Nitriding treatment, Surface Chrome plate,

Nitriding Layer Thickness:0.5~0.7mm,
Surface Rigidity: 800-900HV.

PE pipe mould

Specifications(Pressure Level SDR17, SDR11): 315mm,355mm,400mm,450mm,500mm,630mm. Base mould: 40Cr quenched and tempered. mouth mold: 40Cr forging, hard chrome plating. Extrusion head with spiral structure, make sure the melt in side distributed evenly so as to achieve best plasticization. Calibrator design with water ring which is easy to clean, to achieve bettercooling and then fast forming.

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