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I. Process flow chart

  1. Bubble Washing:
    Dates are initially washed in a bubble washing system to remove impurities, dust, and any foreign particles.
  2. Brush Washing:
    After bubble washing, the dates may undergo brush washing to further clean and remove any remaining debris.
  3. Sorting:
    The washed dates are sorted to remove any damaged or unripe fruits. This step ensures that only high-quality dates proceed to the next stages.
  4. Steaming:
    Dates are steamed to soften them, making it easier to extract juice and create a smoother paste.
  5. Elevator:
    Steamed dates are lifted using an elevator to the next processing stage.
  6. Pulping:
    The softened dates are pulped, breaking them down into a paste-like consistency.
  7. Date Paste:
    The pulped dates are further processed into a date paste, which serves as the base for syrup production.
  8. Juice Extraction:
    The date paste undergoes juice extraction to obtain the liquid component of the dates.
  9. Decanter Separating:
    The extracted juice is processed through a decanter to separate any solid particles, obtaining a clearer liquid.
  10. Balance Tank:
    The separated liquid is collected in a balance tank, helping maintain a consistent flow for further processing.
  11. Vacuum Evaporation:
    The liquid is subjected to vacuum evaporation, reducing its water content and thickening it into a concentrated syrup.
  12. Dates Syrup:
    The concentrated liquid becomes dates syrup, rich in flavor and sweetness.
  13. Filling and Packing:
    The final dates syrup is filled into containers and packed for distribution. This can include bottles, jars, or other suitable packaging based on the intended market.

It’s important to note that specific details of each step may vary based on the scale of production, the equipment used, and the desired characteristics of the final product. Additionally, quality control measures should be implemented at each stage to ensure the production of high-quality date syrup.

II. Equipment List

Project All Equipment

Dates receiving & washing machine

Model: RG3C-4;
Dimension: 4000x1100x1050mm (l*w*h);
Capacity: 2 ton per hour;
Water required: 2tons/hour;
Power: 2.5 kw.

Main structure with SUS 304 Stainless Steel
4 spraying nozzles equipped to drive the fruit ahead Air blower with high power, feeding the air from the bottom
Perforated stainless steel baffle plate separates the fruit with dirt.

Brush washer

Used for first stage washing of the raw materials.
Model: RGJ-3
Capacity: 2t/h
Motor power: 2kw
Main structure: SUS304
Dimension: 2500*1150*1100mm

Equipped with brush bars, top spraying head for high pressure water curtain, water collecting tank, speed adjuster.

Sorting conveyor

The equipment consists of conveyor belt, chassis, drive unit, inlet and outlet hopper.
Under the gravity, the fruits feed from the inlet and lay on the surface of the mesh belt, and move to the direction of outlet, the workers can easily pick out the rotten or wormy fruits in order to maintain the quality of products.
Material: SUS304 + food grade plastic belt;
Capacity: 1000kg/h;
Power: 0.75kw;
Dimension: 4000*600*900mm.

Pre-cooking machine

Model: RG-7;
Capacity: 2000kg/h;
Power: 1.5kw;

Tunnel preheating, stainless steel mesh chain structure, equipment length 7 meters, 1.5 meters width, 0.5 meters discharge, preheating and softening 6 meters.
The equipment power is 2.5KW. All stainless-steel knot semi-enclosed structure.
Stainless steel water tank, stainless steel filter. Equipped with steam filter, steam outlet, PT100 temperature sensor. The processing capacity is 2T/hour.
Equipped with self-cleaning spray device.
Frequency conversion speed motor.


Hoist elevator

Fruits high level hoist, used to receive the cleaned fruits and transfer it to juicing system. The hoist consists of hoist belt, fruits scrapper, chassis, drive unit, inlet and outlet hopper.
Material: SUS304
Capacity :2000kg/h
Hoist angle: 350
Belt width:300mm
Weight: 90kg

Pulping machine

Used for pulping the dates into paste and removing the seeds.
The guard board is made of SUS304, thickness 3.0mm.
Capacity: 2000kg/h;
Power: 4.5kw;
Mesh size: Φ5mm;
All parts contacted with raw material are made of US304.
Dimension: 1750*900*1280mm Weight:400kg;
Dates pulps receiving tank: 150L.

Juice Extraction unit

Volume: 4000 liters, three-layer thermal insulation heating temperature control structure. It is equipped with manhole, audition, audition light, self-cleaning spray device, feeding port, isobaric condenser, cooler, return pipe, three-layer stirring blade, and mechanical stirring motor. Install lifting lugs, temperature sensors, pressure gauges, and safety valves. Matching steam solenoid valve. Drain valve, drain valve group.
Extraction tank: 4000L*2
Motor: 2.75kw *2
Filtration: 120mesh
Heating area of extraction tank: 24.85m2
Cooling area of condenser:21.90m2
Cooler area: 6.88m2
Layer working pressure: 0.3Mpa
Extraction water temperature: 60~70℃
Temperature control: PT100 temperature sensor, inset heater
Hot water circulation pump power:2.55kw
Material: SUS304 2B
Surface treatment for equipment: inside mirror polishing, outside matt wiredrawing processing


Technical Parameters of LW400-1800-N Horizontal Type Spiral Unloading Sedimentation Centrifuge Diameter of drum:400mm.
Length of drum: 1800mm;
Type of drum: Cylinder-cone type.
Highest rotating speed of drum:3800r/min Separation factor:3225g.
Screw type: Single-end (The edge of blade is painted diamidite.).
Differential mechanism: Planet gear;
Maximum treating ability :3~12m3/h;
Differential speed:0-25 r/min;
Main motor:22/18.5kw;
Assistant motor:7.5kw;
Total weight:2300kg;
Overflow diameter: φ250~275.
Discharging capacity of spiral:500~1000kg/h Electric control box: Double frequency conversion or single frequency conversion control.

Balance tank

Equipped with three sets of side glass mirrors, self-cleaning nozzles, manholes, dust-proof breathable caps. PT100 temperature sensor, dial type digital temperature display. Stirring motor, stirring double-layer blades, which used to temporary storage the juice for next process.
Type: vertical
Capacity: 3000L
Material: stainless steel 304, Inner Steel Thickness:
&=3mm, Out Steel Thickness: &=1.5mm
Which include the measurement for liquid、45°manhole、 thermometer、CIP cleaning head.

Vacuum concentration unit

The equipment has an evaporation capacity of 3000 liters, a double-effect vacuum falling film structure, and a supporting condenser of 75 square meters. Forced circulation form. It is equipped with a 10-inch color touch screen and PLC automatic temperature control system. Schneider low-voltage electrical appliances, Siemen’s steam proportional valve.
Power supply: 5 wires (three-phase 380V, 50HZ) can be customized.
One-effect transfer pump power: 5.5KW
Two-effect transfer pump power: 5.5KW
One-effect heat exchange area: 42㎡
Two-effect heat exchange area: 38㎡
Condensation heat exchange area: 76 ㎡
Design heat exchange pressure: 0.5MPa
Ultimate pressure: -0.092 MPa
Concentration and evaporation temperature: 55-85 degrees Celsius
Temperature sensor: PT100 8. Steam pressure: 0.2-0.4 MPa 9. Compressed air: 0.6 MPa 10. Working vacuum pressure: 0.08-0.085 MPa

Screw pump

The thick slurry screw pump is equipped with a stainless-steel square feeding funnel, and the material is in contact with 304 materials.
The power is 4.5KW and the pressure is 8kg.
The flow rate is 4+2T/hour.

Centrifugal pump

Which used to convey the liquid which temperature below80C, Material: Stainless Steel
Flowing Capacity: 3T/h, distance:15Meter Power:0.75Kw,
Rotator Speeding: 2840rpm,
Out Size: 380×350×260mm (LXWXH).

PLC control cabinet, Piping & fittings

12-inch color touch screen, brand: PLC automatic control system. Remote temperature control display, remote weighing display control. Remote batching Pneumatic valve control system, solenoid valve linkage control sensor. Solenoid valve controller, mixing motor speed control. Rotor pump transmission frequency control. CIP remote control system. Mixing frequency converter. Inverter: Schneider inverter.
Supporting the whole line: pipeline, ball valve, butterfly valve, filter screen, pipe sight glass, equipment room data line, sensor line, equipment room power line, unilateral, elbow, clamp, pipe support, gasket, sealing ring. Connect the flange. Trucking. The air pipe joint, the compressed air is divided into the cylinder. Fix the anchor bolts, etc.


Water treatment system 5T/H

Widely used in foods and beverage industry, milk, juice industrial. The raw water is underground water /tap water, first goes by pre-treatment, then by single stage RO treatment. Through those treatments, can remove dissolving salt 99% and harmful materials, like particle, colloid, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses and heat source, etc.
The device’s key part is reverse osmosis membranes that is from the America, it has a good performance to eliminate salts and the high-pressure pump is from a high-quality pump producer in China, it’s easy to handle for its simple structure. The source water, in the case that the conductivity is less than 500us/CM, can reach the national standards totally after treatment by this device, it’s the most ideal equipment for water treatment.
the system salt rejection rate gets 96-98%, outlet water conductivity gets ≤10μs/m².
Active carbon filter
Dimension: 330*2300mm
Microporous membrane filter


CIP cleaning system -2000L

The product is suitable for CIP cleaning of the material pipes and containers in dairy products factories, as well as cleaning of the material pipes and equipment in brewery factories, beverage factories and general foods factories.
In the equipment, a compelled cycling process of cleaning liquids is achieved by centrifugal pump through material pipes and containers during the cleaning process. Therefore, the pipes and equipment need not to be disassembled, which improves the availability of equipment and reduces labors’ working burden greatly. As a conclusion, this product is a type of advanced cleaning equipment.
The specific usage of this equipment must be associated with the layout of equipment and pipes in workshops, as well as the cleaning nozzles.
Number of cleaning procedures: 2
Each cleaning period: 120 minutes
Cleaning liquids supplying sequence: clear water -alkali liquid – clear water – acid liquid – clear water
Centrifugal pump input and output screw thread

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