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Automatic continuous tabletop desk type capping machine Rolan ⚙

Products Description

This desktop capping machine is controlled by air compressor, pneumatic capping can be controlled by foot pedal manually. This machine can be used for small essential oil bottles ,also can be used for duck pump caps. The rollers is colloidal silica, so it can be changed. This machines also provide some tools freely.

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Product Feature

1. Micro-computer control, digital display.
2. Electrically controlled movement, positioning device, easy operation.
3. Suitable for various locking caps with different shapes and specifications.
4. The capping speed and tightness can be adjusted for different caps.
5. Applicable to the capping of cosmetic, medical, chemical, drinks and many kinds of bottle caps, etc.

Additional information


Pump cap ,needle cap & standard cap capping

Production Capacity



220/110V         50/60HZ

Total Power


capping diameter

Φ 19–Φ 55mm (can be customized)

Bottle height


Bottle Diameter

Φ35-Φ100mm (can be customized)

Air Pressure


Weight (KG)


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