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Semi-automatic cap sealing machine Rolan ⚙

Product Description

The automatic can seamer is suitable for all kinds of iron, plastic, tin, and paper cans, reducing the labor intensity of the workers, greatly improving the work efficiency. The quality is reliable and the operation is simple. It is the ideal equipment for the food, drinks, tea and other industries essential.

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Main Features

1. Simple Touch Panel, Easy To Operate And Grasp, And Safe.
2. High-Quality High-Power Dual-Motor, The Machine Operating Efficiency And Stability, Output Power, High Efficiency.
3 High-Quality Rotating Kit, Using Bold Shaft, Long Service Life, Effective Protection Of Motor Operation, Not Rust.
4. Chassis Spray Process, Was Polished, Long-Term Use Of The Product Is Still Bright As New.

Additional information

Machine material

Carbon steel



Cans diameter


Cans height

40-200mm(can customized)

Total Power




Weight (KG)

about 70kg

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