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Linear 6-wheel capping machine Rolan ⚙

Product Description
This high speed capping machine can work stably and fast, the working speed is adjustable, and this machine is with guiding device which is adjustable according to bottle width. This ensures the capping speed and effect. This machine is suitable for food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

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1. Simple control panel makes it easier to adjust capping speed of capping wheel and guiding device.
2. The rotary knob can be used to control the width according to bottle is with visual data that can help you control the capping width more accurately.
3. The number of capping wheel can be customized according to production needs. The working speed of each two capping wheel can be controlled according to production needs.
4. With larger motor that can ensure the stable work, it can work faster(50-80 bottles/min),helps to improve working efficiency greatly.
5. The high quality conveyor is designed to transfer bottles more smoothly and faster, it can help you save labor and time, the working speed is adjustable according to production needs.

Additional information


AC220V 50/60HZ

Total Power



liner capping

Production Capacity


Bottle Diameter


Weight (KG)

550 KG

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