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Semi-automatic 4 Heads Glass Plastic Metal Jar Bottle Cans Vacuum Capping Sealing Machine Rolan ⚙

This glass jar vacuum packing machine is new developed equipment, it is a domestic original. It sets the automatic glass jar vacuum and put cover in one, the hand glass jar vacuum pump way, can get a high degree glass jar vacuum. The glass jar vacuum packing machine is widely used in the industries of food canning, beverage, condiment, health care and other industries. It has the function of automatic capping, no bottle no capping, automatic alarm when no cap, stable and reliable performance.

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1. Combined glass jar vacuum packing and capping in one machine, high automatic degree.
2. The glass jar vacuum packing machine adopts glass jar vacuum pump, so to make sure high glass jar vacuum degree.
3. The screwing torque and glass jar vacuum degree could be adjust according to demand.
4.Only need to change several parts, so to apply to different shape and different size bottle.  

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AC220V 50/60HZ

Total Power


Air Pressure


sealing diameter


Bottle height


sealing speed


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