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Ultrasonic Plastic Tubes sealing Machine


This ultrasonic tube sealing machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industries etc., it is
applicable in various aluminum plastic compound soft tube, plastic soft tube which pack all kind of Such as ointment, adhesives, AB glue, Neoprene, epoxy glue, skin cream, hair cream, boots oil, toothpaste and else liquid, lotions and cream etc.
Compared with heat sealing, the ultrasonic tube sealing has the following advantages:
* Fast Sealing, save time
* Sealing is nice looking, different shape sealing
* Lower power consumption, energy saving

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Main Features:

* It’s applicable to toothpaste, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, industry product and other soft tube sealing.
* Ultrasonic sealing and date coding on one station, can seal one- or two-layers plastic tube, with different shape tails.
Sealing performance is stable, clear lines, and beautiful tail.
* The working platform is easily to operate that is independent man-machine operating interface and can be two-dimension direction adjustment.
* The ultrasound power supply adopts Taiwan movement circuitry, ultrasound parts use famous brands.
* It’s with the function of overload protection, phase difference protection, and power-fail protection
* The ultrasound output power is big enough to ensure the sealing quality of different kinds material and specifications soft tubes.
* It’s equipped with the function of automatically color mark tube orientation and tube tail cutting.

Additional information

Suitable tube diameter


Sealing Length


Air Pressure

0.5Mpa (Our this machine need to connect with Air compressor)

Frequency (HZ)


Total Power



220/110V         50/60HZ

Suitable Material

Paste ,Cream, Shampoo, shower gel, Honey, Body lotion, Toothpaste, etc



Weight (KG)


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