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Aluminum Frame Pedal Sealing Machine Rolan ⚙

Sealing machine can seal all kinds of bags
Kraft paper, fresh keeping bag, tea bag, aluminum foil bag, shrink film, food packaging bag, etc.

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1.Foot sealer suitable for sealing all kinds of polyethylene and polypropylene film recombined materials and aluminum-plastic film.
2.FRE series pedal impulse sealers are widely applied to seal all kinds of plastics films, compound films and aluminum-plastic film.
3.They are most convenient and economical sealing equipment for shops, families and factories.

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350*1 350*2 450*1 450*2 650*1 650*2 800*1 800*2 1000*1 1000*2

Total Power

800W 10000W 1000W 1200W 1800W 2000W 2400W 2600W 3000W 3500W



Sealing width


Sealing Length

350mm 350mm 450mm 450mm 650mm 650mm 800mm 800mm 1000mm 1000mm

Heating time


Weight (KG)

25kg 26kg 27.5kg 28.5kg 34kg 35kg 37.5kg 38.5kg 50kg 52kg

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